DISCIPLINE: Production
LEVEL: Diploma
LENGTH: 1 Year


The one year Audio technology school lagos Diploma equips you with the essential skills to become a professional record producer and Live Sound Reinforcement Engineer. It empowers you to become a sound engineer both in hardware and software operations: for the digital and analogue studios, as well as for live events. Under this training you’re also going to learn to play two different musical instruments.

The first three months of the training will expose you to rudiments of music, practical piano and music business. The next three months covers Audio Engineering Basics, Production Software and production management/techniques, while still continuing your piano lessons and music business course.

You would spend months 7 to 9 as a trainee in the sound studio to enable you gather firsthand skills from our professional producers and engineers, while you commence your second instrument tutoring and lessons in mixing and mastering. And, finally the last three months is spent doing internship and your final project. The internship is usually done in a studio outside J-World, you will receive an internship letter to that effect. Your project is a collection of two music tracks of different styles and genres you have personally produced.

Audio technology school lagos

Software Coverage: Protools, Reason, Logic Pro, Cubase and FL Studio

Lecture Holds: Three times weekly

Sessions: Morning, afternoon and weekend sessions are available.

Course Fee: Seven hundred Thousand Naira (N700, 000.00).

Payment must be made in full before commencement of lectures.