We run a full service rental company that supplies our clients with well maintained and professionally organized equipment. Our equipment packages have been customized with the best add on and accessories from around the world that have been painstakingly selected and designs to work in the Nigerian environment. We maintain our equipment at the best international service and repair facilities to ensure reliability.

Our crews are continuously trained, professional and importantly are on time. They are often rated the best and most hardworking in Lagos. We can supply all the necessary elements for your production from craft services to dailies production and upload.


Our equipment rental services provide instruments and video equipment. Our countless collection is available for any rental use. We provide equipment and instruments in excellent working condition. We consider music with good morals only.


Red Monstro 8kBMPCC 4K/6K

Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 6K

Red Gemini

5K Super 35mm CMOS Sensor 5120 x 3000 Recording up to 75 fps REDCODE RAW, ProRes, and DNx Recording High-Speed Recording up to 300 fps in 2K

Red Monstro 8k

8K Full-Frame CMOS Sensor 8192 x 4320 Recording up to 60 fps REDCODE RAW, ProRes, and DNx Recording High-Speed Recording up to 300 fps in 2K

RED Scarlet Camera

Rental Package Includes • Camera Body, Scarlet-W Dragon Brain. • RED MINI-MAG Station. • RED Station USB 3.0 Cable. • V Lock Batteries and Chargers • DSMC2 RED TOUCH 4.7" LCD • DSMC2 UNIVERSAL HANDLE

RED Raven Camera

Features Full RED DRAGON sensor. 4.5K Full Format (FF) at up to 120 fps, or in 2K FF at 240 fps Lightweight, Ultra-clean detail

BlackMagic URSA Mini

Features Super-35mm CMOS Sensor 4000 x 2160 Video up to 60p Compressed & Uncompressed Raw Recording


Lights, Clamps, Clips and more… Fountain pictures has an array of items to support your shoot take a look at some of the items below.

Emotimo Motion Control Rig

Emotimo Motion Control Rig Motorised Dana Dolly movement Great for time lapse

Aputure Light Storm 300d (I&II)

Light with Controller & Power Supply Wireless Remote 5500K Color Temperature Bowens Front Mount, Quiet Fan V-Mount Battery Plate

Wireless Follow Focus System

Have full control of focus, iris, and zoom on Cine lenses or compatible "cine-moded" DSLR lenses. Ideal for 3-axis gimbals, shoulder mounts systems, and drone shoots

4 x 4″ Matte Box

(1) MB-T05 Matte Box (2) 4x4 Filter Frames (2) Filter stages, (1) 360 degree rotation stage (1) Fabric Lens Donut (1) Top French Flag (1) 15mm Rod Adapter

Lens Filters

4 x 4" and 4 x 5.65" Filters Various stops Neutral Density Filters Graduated Neutral Density Filters Polarisers

LED Light Kit

Set of 3 LED Light Panel Kit the package includes 3x400 Pure Color LEDs Daylight Balanced (5600K) V-mount AC Adapter (Option of battery available) Milk-White Diffusion Filter (Optional) Softbox (Optional)

Butterfly Frame

Butterfly Frame Bundle (8x8') In the package Complete Kit Just Add Stands and Grip Heads Use to Block Light or as Light Source Ideal for Softening Harsh Sun 1- 8x8' Frame 1- Solid Black, 1- Diffusion Silk Fabric C-Stand Clamps


SandBags Cordura Nylon Rugged and Durable Assembly Double-Zipper Design Water resistant


Multipurpose C-Stand Features Detachable Base Twist & Release Locking Legs 40" Riser Stand Load Capacity: 22 lb 40" Grip Arm with Attached 2.5" Head 2.5" Grip Head 5/8" Top Stud


Check out our list of small, big and very big monitors. Multiple brands, ranges and mounts of lenses. Find brands like Sigma, Xeen, SmallHD, Atomos, Canon and more all here.

SmallHD Field Monitor

SmallHD 17", 1920x1080 Display HDR Preview SDI and HDMI Inputs Bright 1000 cd/m² Panel Colorflow 3D LUT Processing 10-Bit Color Intelligence Engine Check out our list of small, big and very big monitors. Multiple brands, ranges and mounts of lenses.

Atlas Orion Anamorphic Lens

Atlas Orion Series A 2X Anamorphic Prime Lens Set with 40mm, 65mm and 100mm - (PL Mount)

LAOWA 24mm Probe Lens

The world's first consumer-grade probe lens

Osee Top/Field Monitor (7inch)

1100nits high bright panel 7" LCD with great features Camera top or Handheld Supplied with V-Lock batteries

Rokinon XEEN Lenses

Consistency in lens dimensions Solid construction Precise focus and iris adjustments Availble in PL and EF mounts Complete range: 14mm to 135mm Available

Sigma Cine Lenses

Lenses are compatible with full frame Compact Design Superior image resolution From 20mm to 85mm Range

Wireless Transmitter

Vaxis Storm Wireless Transmitter Up to 1000' feet Transmission (3 football fields) 1 x Transmitter & 1 x Receiver Supports up to 1080p60 HD Video Uncompressed 10-Bit, 4:2:2 Video


Our catalog of equipment keeps growing week to week, month on month. From Lenses, Lights, Grip Equipment, to Storage and Expendables J-World Rentals has got you covered

DJI Ronin Gimbal Stabilizer

Camera Stabilizer Tilt and Pan Precision

Dana Dolly

Slider effect for Smooth camera movements