Joshigwe XTC Album: Promoted By Jworld ntertainment Now available on digital Platforms

Joshua Igwe is a Music producer & Designer whose practices involve using digital mediums such as programming, music production, game design etc to express abstract ideas in a physical way bridging the gap between technology and design. According to him, “I am open to collaborating with new people so if you have interesting ideas you feel I can help you with feel free to contact me.” Joshigwe artistic background began early in primary school, from drawing imaginative comic books with captivating story lines that he distributed amongst classmates to joining the school band and playing saxophone in secondary school, which led him to discover his love for sound and music.

He backed a degree in Creative Designs; this gave him an edge between art, design and technology, which forms the tools to express his abstract ideas in a rapidly digitalize world. For Joshigwe, a singer from Nigeria who considers himself an ‘Afro psychic’, making music that speaks to the soul, comes easy to him. With a laudable amount of time spent drawing inspiration from some of the richest sounds that have captured the mental zeitgeist of some solid music eras, Joshigwe knows just how to touch his listener’s core and he proves this on his eight-track latest, XTC.

J-world Studio has taken up the promotion campaign to distribute the album across the digital channels to enhance a wider reach to the anticipated listeners. The album is available in Deezer, Amazon, Boomplay, YouTube, Apple etc.

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