Jworld academy Lagos is a creative music training institution in Nigeria, with study centers in Lekki. We are highly reputable across Africa for breeding music professionals and offering several other professional music services excellently.

Jworld academy Lagos was founded to cater to the needs of young music artistes who desire to build careers in Gospel, and inspirational music as well as contemporary music by equipping them with an all encompassing music & business training. This is the reason the institute adopts what is called a dynamic curriculum (i.e. constantly adjusting its course content & approach to align with global trends in contemporary music business).


Jworld academy Lagos

Our Approach

Our strength lies in individuality and flexibility in attending to each of our students. People learn music for different reasons; shared success comes only when the learner achieves a sense of fulfillment at the end of their program with us.

Our curriculum and teaching approach are based on most recent developments and international best practices in music education. We deliver our courses through a seasoned and industry oriented faculty.

Our History

J-World studio was founded in 2017 by renowned music producer and director, Joseph Oladugba King and rebranded into providing music services for gospel artists in 2020.

Today, J-World has produced over 150 songs from 7 countries and competing to become Nigeria’s most sort after Gospel studio.

Jworld Ntertainment also won the best in class entertainment studio of the year at the ABC (African Brand Congress) Awards 2019

Our Motivation

We are motivated by the huge amount of talented young people spread across Africa, and we accept the great honor and privilege to be in a position of service to build the talents and prepare them to for a successful future. We are inspired by the enormous power of music–it is strong enough to positively turn our communities around and empower young people for life-long success.

Amidst the current global economic challenges, the entertainment industry, everywhere in the world, has continued to thrive, and even in some cases serving as a bail out. We at J-World believe that through hardwork and innovation we can leverage on this to build a formidable music sector in Africa.

Your journey to a rewarding future in music begins at J-World academy.

jworld academy


jworld academy

jworld academy

  • See the list of all our courses. We have over 10 programs, ranging from two weeks to two years, and from Certificate to Grand Diplomas courses.
  • Choose a Program from the list that best suits your academic needs and dreams
  • Apply online (www.jworldntertainment.com) or at our studio. You will receive a confirmation if you have been accepted
  • Submit your supporting documents (if required)
  • Pay Your Tuition Fee (You will get payment details after confirmation)
  • Visit your chosen study center with two passport photos and your payment receipt.
  • Wait for the next academic session (February, May, August or November) and commence your program.


With this, students coming from far places and those who simply need to study close to the institute need no worries. Accommodation is arranged for students at the rate of N20,000 monthly. To secure an accommodation you must make payments at least two months in advance.

The accommodation described above is a standard room for three personswith its own Kitchen, toilet and bathroom. If you do not wish to share the room with anyone, then you will have to pay rent covering for three persons.

Our programs cover two specific areas: Music Performance and Music Production.  We have over ten different courses in these two key areas spanning different durations and depths. Depending on the amount of time at your disposal and the skill level you want to attain, we have programs from three months to two years in length.

The programs can be further placed under four major categories of qualification: RSL Extended Diplomas, J-World Advance Diplomas, J-World Diplomas and J-World Certificate Courses.



18 Month Diploma Program which includes learning up to four Musical Instruments, Music Business, Voice Training, Songwriting, Video Editing, Professional Internship, Artist Management deal, etc.

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18 Month Diploma Program which includes learning up to four Musical Instruments, Music Business, Music Production, Sound Engineering, Mixing & Mastering, Video Editing, Professional Internship with celebrity producer, etc.

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12 Month Diploma Program which includes learning up to three Musical Instruments, Voice Training, Music Business, Songwriting, Video Editing or D.J Academy

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12 Month Audio Technology program which includes learning up to two Musical Instruments, Music Production, Sound Engineering, Mixing & Mastering and Music Business.

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6 Months performance oriented program which offers lessons in Voice Training, Songwriting, one Musical Instrument and Music Business.

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6 Months Music Production Course which offers lessons in Music Production, Keyboard and Music Business.

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We have three to six month single-course programs in Piano, Guitar, Saxophone, Violin, Drums, Voice Training, D.J Academy, Songwriting, Music Business and Video Editing, for both adults and kids.

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