In addition to academics, we have designed several other school activities & programs to further engage & develop our students.


J-World watchout is a monthly live music show which holds last Thursday of the month at the Lufasi Park, Lagos. This shows features our finest, talents current and ex-students, alongside notable guest artists and comedians.


On quarterly bases we bring popular and very successful Nigerian musicians to mingle with the stars in the making at the academy. They sing and dine together, share ideas, interact, and get inspired. There is nothing more interesting than this for a young artiste!


The Gospel Tea break show holds 1st Saturday of every month at the Lekki Center 8am to 10am. It is designed to showcase the best of our rising Christian Music artists and to allow us fellowship together as a family. You will experience heartfelt worship sessions and inspiring music performances. Breakfast is served after the program.


The Underground vibes is J-World’s platform to showcase up-and-coming gospel artistes within and outside the institute. Live performances and backing tracks are allowed. It holds every 1st Friday of the month at the Lekki Center.

On a quarterly basis, the school organises combined classes featuring some of our lecturers, invited musicologists and industry experts. These workshops are usually intensive and they dissect special topics beyond the scope of the regular curriculum.


MUSIC TOUR AFRIKA’ is a Three-day multicultural youth camp event, during which we bring together gospel music-loving youths from across Africa to a beach resort. during which they will collaborate to create and showcase an outstanding project for the world’s viewing.