If you’re streaming your music on Spotify but you aren’t getting the attention you want, we could help. We set up Spotify campaigns to drive in followers, plays and increase your brand awareness. Our Spotify promotion is being used by artists around the world. Earn more money from your music and build your overall brand at the same time! Contact us today so we can review your new music and get you started.

Build Your Brand On Spotify


How It Works:

  • We focus on one song per campaign.
  • We drive 100% organic streams + followers (spotify promotion)
  • We get your song featured with blogs to help create shares
  • We run ads on your song to get more clicks and to increase streams/plays
  • We run advanced email marketing campaigns to increase streams + followers

We do send real traffic and users to your new release so it’s important to note that we cannot split traffic between multiple songs. We focus on one song per campaign.

Campaign turn around time
This depends on the campaign you choose and the size of the project. We do start right away, once you order is placed. It will take a day or so before we can see traffic start to kick in. We do update you throughout the process and you will be assigned a project manager if you ever have questions.

Playlist Pitching
If you’re interested in pitching your channel to playlists, please contact us at We can go over your options based on how developed your channel is and send you more info from there.

Earning Royalties
our clients earn royalties on all marketing and promotion that is done through US. Our traffic is real so you never have to worry about issues with your distribution. Your distributors will pay out royalties on the traffic you receive from us.

Spotify Promotion Campaigns

  • Earn more money with your new spotify releases
  • #1 Spotify Promotion company online!
  • Increase your chance of landing on the charts!
  • We help drive millions of new plays to artists around the globe
  • Increase your followers and gain more fans

Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Once you place your order, we will be notified and one of our Spotify project managers will be in touch with you shortly after. We will get the campaign set up and make sure we have everything we need from you to get started. We start your campaign the same day but it does take 24-48 hours to see movement. We keep you posted throughout the entire process and if you have any questions, you can always email us directly